Quality products for the Judicial Police (Police and Gendarmerie), laboratories, army, customs, communities, but also private detectives and agencies or audiovisual production companies, in France and abroad.


To satisfy all our customers, Crim'Tech offers different types of products: Crime Scene, Laboratory and Field Equipment, Surveillance, Detection (Narcotics, Radioactivity, Fraud-Theft), Rescue / Survival and Military Equipment. We work hand in hand with nationally and internationally renowned manufacturers in their field.

Crim'Tech offers all the useful material from: the detection and revelation of latent prints, through the collection of evidences at the crime scene, preservation and analysis in the laboratories.

The surveillance of individuals will be facilitated thanks to a high-quality spy equipment - with audio and video recording - already tested and validated by SR and GOS (GN); GPS tracers, photo and video watches, long-views, binoculars, discrete cameras, long-life batteries, etc.

To facilitate the fight against narcotics, we offer multi-drug revealing tests as well as complete kits (customizable), urinary and salivary tests or detection sprays and wipes.

You will also find survival and first-aid kits and various accessories (such as blankets, emergency window-breakers or 'cut-all' scissors).

Finally, you will have access to top quality military equipment (radioactivity detection devices, portable sterilizer for military hospital, ...), thanks to our exclusive partnerships with world-renowned manufacturers.